Product Overview


Meeting all requirements

Hardinge builds super-precision machines which are specifically designed to achieve extremely low tolerances and high surface finishes. The machine design allows for bringing the part closer to the spindle which is particularly beneficial in hard turning.

Our machines offer a particularly high level of stability & precision, excellent vibration-absorbing characteristics, extremely high rigidity of the tool holders, and perfect stability of the workholding facilities. SUPER-PRECISION hard turning by Hardinge opens up new opportunities to replace expensive and complex grinding processes without any loss in quality. Hard turning is faster, more flexible, needs shorter setup times, and requires less operations.

Where precision and power count, machines and clamping technology of Hardinge are the first choice - where other manufacturers fails we are only warming up.

The T-Series, CNC-High-Precision- Workholding Equipment more >>

Precision meeting the highest demands

The Hardinge T series Super Precision® sets new standards in high-precision machining - You achieve excellent results no matter whether turning in two axes or producing highly complex workpieces. The T series has been developed and designed to meet even the highest demands and combines the entire technical know-how of the Hardinge Group - the true global player in terms of CNC lathes for the manufacture of high-accuracy workpieces.

Key features:

  • Perfectly suited for Hard Turning & Milling
  • Spindle concentricity < 0.7µ
  • Variation at workpiece < 3µ
  • Repeatability of axes < 0,76µ
  • Hardinge collet spindle
  • High spindle speeds
  • High rapid traverse rates of up to 38 m/min
  • Fast indexing times of turret < 1 sec
  • High chip removal capacity
  • 45° fully cast machine bed, filled with HARCRETE® polymer concrete
  • Hardinge collet spindle as motor spindle
  • Heavy-duty type linear guideways for X axis and Z axis
  • Preloaded ball screws - guaranteed for 
    Long life and consistent high precision
    FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for dynamic and thermal stability
A complex component more >>

Componet machined on Super Precision®T 51 MSY

Job definition:

  • hardness 58 HRC, material - 100Cr6 – through  hardened
  • interrupted cut for OD & ID turning
  • drilling and milling operations with small diameters
  • turning of spherical ball
  • thread cutting

The appropriate tooling is delivered by Messrs. Mapal. For the BMT 55 turret, Mapal tool holders with HSK-T 63 are used. They excel at extremely high rigidity at the cutting edge, offer particularly low vibration and grant high tool change accuracy.

The Mapal tools used are Mega-Drill-Hardened for holes, HPR replaceable head reamers with PcBN head and VersaCut holder for thread cutting. This powerful complete package comprising high-precision lathe, clamping devices and tools permit the complete machining of high-accuracy workpieces in back spindle and main spindle producing excellent results.



The GT series, CNC High-Precision Lathes more >>

Turning and grinding in one setup

The lathes of the GT series are machines of the latest generation, especially designed for high-precision manufacturing. The GT 27 SP with linear tool carriage and comprehensive optional components allows for individually configuring the system and matching it to your specific requirements and demands. With the GT 27 SP TURN/GRIND, you easily turn & grind in one setup. Optionally, 4 high-frequency spindles with hybrid bearings are available. And also optionally, the TURN/GRIND is available with a loading- und unloading system for flexible manufacturing of high precision parts. Product information DOWNLOAD here.
The CHNC with one tool turret is offered for bar capacities of 27mm and 42 mm.

Key features:

  • Perfectly suited for hard turning & milling
  • Spindle concentricity 5C < 0.4µ
  • Spindle concentricity 16 C < 0.7µ
  • Variation at workpiece < 3µ
  • Repeatability of axes < 1.2µ
  • High spindle speeds
  • HARDINGE collet spindle
  • High rapid traverse rates
  • 2 grinding spindles  (optional)
  • Max. speed of grinding spindle – 80,000 rpm
  • Component Probe Systems available
  • Machine bed made from Hardinge Harcrete®
  • Linear guideways designed for heavy-duty operations
  • Preloaded ballscrews for a long life and consistently high precision
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for dynamic and thermal stability
  • High-frequency spindle with hybrid bearings (option)


GS 42 / GS 51 / GS 65 CNC Horizontal Lathes more >>

Convincing all down the line

Compact and powerful CNC heavy-duty turning centers with Hardinge collet spindle, tailstock (option) and NSK V roller guideways in all axes. The optionally available Performance Plus package comprising glass scales in X and Y axis, main spindle cooling unit and heat exchanger at the hydraulic system paves the way for efficient hard machining. The collet spindle allows for the series production of workpieces offering an excellent surface finish within close tolerances.

Key features:

  • High precision
  • High series accuracy
  • Compact design
  • Long life
  • Flexibility thanks to various options like for instance
  • Performance Plus package (thermal stabilization)
  • Tailstock
  • C axis for contour milling
  • Rotary tools in all stations
  • Gantry loading system, machine-integrated
  • Automatic tool and part measurement
  • Control: Fanuc Oi-TD or Siemens 828 D
  • Performance Plus thermal stabilization Package comprising glass scales in X and Z axis, main spindle cooling unit and heat exchanger for hydraulic system


The Hardinge collets are directly inserted in the main spindle. This results in a minimum projection of the workpiece beyond the spindle bearings. One of the most important prerequisites for the spindle to transmit the guaranteed runout of 0,5 µm to the workpiece.  At the same time, the rigidity of the clamping system is increased. This creates ideal conditions for the observance of form and positional tolerances.

The XR series, Vertical Machining Centers more >>

Machines of the highest perforamance class

Whether machining standard workpieces or high-quality stamping or casting molds or complex components - this series has the perfect machining center in store for each application. The Bridgeport XR series meets the highest precision requirements for the aerospace industry,   automative engineering as well as mold & die making, and is perfectly suited for the machining of materials made from special alloys like Titanium and Nimonic. All machines of the XR series are prepared for 4-axis machining, while rotary table and interface are available as options.

Key features:

  • Rigid 'C-Frame' cast iron design for  high stability and capacity
  • Generously dimensioned linear guideways for high rigidity and repeatability
  • Maximum positioning accuracy
  • Machine specifications pursuant to ISO 202-2
  • Thermal stability and optimum power transmission
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for high rigidity and dynamic stability
  • Fast cycle times and low non-productive times
  • Best values in chip removal capacity
  • BIG-Plus spindle system